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Shakk (2) – The Psychology of Doubt

by Zohair Abdul-Rahman MSc and M. Nazir Khan MD. A person has a misconception about Islam and misconstrues a particular teaching as misogynistic or violent. Approaching a scholar or community leader, he or she receives a response that seems satisfactory and is able to...

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Fitness – Why be healthy?

By Dr. Abdul-Wahab Khan and Dr. M. Nazir Khan In today’s busy and hectic world, many of us are faced with constant hurdles in our journey towards maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Many of us are confused on the subject of health and fitness, and have passed...

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The Environment – Why be green?

The earth and its natural resources are being ravaged by mankind. But why should people care? ​ Are there any practical ways to make a difference? And will people actually bother to change their current lifestyle to protect the environment before it is too late? Every...

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Advance Care Planning

Advances in modern medicine with life-support equipment have created new ethical challenges. In which cases would “doing everything possible” help a patient recover, and in which cases would it simply prolong one’s suffering, or possibly worsen it? With a vast range...

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